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Out of all the online casinos and online gambling sites out there it can be difficult deciding which one should be devoted to a gambler's hard earned money and precious time. Look no further though because there is one site that has made quite a wave in the online gambling industry and that site is: The first question that should be asked when looking into any online gambling establishment is "Are they licensed?" and rest assured, Grand Reef Casino is most certainly licensed. Their license is by AntillePhone and this can all be verified by clicking on links provided by Grand Reef Casino or contacting AntillePhone's offices.

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Moving on into why this is absolutely the online gambling site for casual and hard core gamblers alike it'd be best to start with what types of games are made available. Typically, there is progressive slot machines scattered all over sites like these but Grand Reef Casino really does right by customers by providing so much more than that. They have practically over 150 games to choose from and only a fraction of those games are slot machine types. They have numerous card games, not just video poker, and they also have roulette. Less serious gamblers have no need to fear though.

Slots are still a quintessential part of Grand Reef Casino, and they have many different types and themes to choose from so it never becomes repetitive. The delightful twist about Grand Reef Casino though is the different types of card games. That's not offered too often on online gambling sites for some reason. It could be that it's easier to just have a multitude of slot games so that customers cannot complain about variety but with Grand Reef's veritable buffet of different game types, not just games, customers can really feel like they're in a casino.

One of the software developers for majority of Grand Reef Casino's games is Playtech. They are renowned among the gaming industry as a real pioneer. They offer graphics so realistic that it's hard to keep in mind that these people are masterminds behind games like these. Something uniquely Grand Reef Casino is the fact that they have their online gambling games tested for fairness. The company they have do this is Technical Systems Testing North America Inc. so again they are going above and beyond to show customers that they truly are here for them. They aren't just trying to get into your wallet. Grand Reef Casino is here to provide a fantastic service for the customer and hopes they join their gambling family.

Some more one of a kind things to add to the Grand Reef Casino is unique checklist is that they also provide scratch cards and arcade games. So instead of customers going out to get cigarettes or what have you then be in the mood for their favorite scratch off only for the cashier to tell them "Sorry, we're out" they could play easily from the comfort and privacy of their own home. The arcade games are really a treat. They are mostly betting games so what they show case is games like dice or HiLo. For those of you unfamiliar with these type of games they are fairly simple. Think of it as someone is virtually rolling the dice, usually three or four, and you have to predict what numbers will appear once the dice stop rolling. They are very addicting but also easy to play and win. So if customers aren't a big poker player these games would be the right choice.

Welcome Bonus Amount: Grand Reef Casino has a bonus amount for the first five deposits made by players is first deposit bonus - 150% up to $750 on your first deposit. The second deposit bonus - 175% up to $875 on your second deposit. The third deposit bonus - 200% up to $1000 on your third deposit. The fourth deposit bonus - 225% up to $1,125 on your fourth deposit. The fifth deposit bonus - 250% up to $1,250 on your fifth deposit.

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Support Types: customer support, deposit withdrawal and banking questions, promotion and marketing, overall operations, questions about games, software and technical, questions solely for VIP members, security of the site, general information
Software Developer(s): Playtech
Jackpots Available: slot games, roulette, blackjack, video poker, progressive games, table games, and live dealer games
Playable in the UK: Yes
Playable in Australia: Yes
Playable in the Canada: Yes
International Phone Number: +44 203 139 9035
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